Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. At anytime you can call us directly at
727-896-2202 and speak to a live operator.

How quickly will my doctor receive the results from my test or screening?

Immediately after your exam we will have one of our Board Certified Radiologists read your test and create a final report. We will then provide a written report to your doctor within 24-48 hours, Monday through Friday.

What do I need to bring with me the day of my exam?

Bring your insurance information, including your insurance card, ID number, and group number. In addition, for workers’ compensation claims and automobile injuries, bring your claim number, the date of injury and the name and address of your attorney.

Bring the written order and any other paperwork your physician may have given you.

Bring any prior imaging studies that would help us perform and interpret your exam. If you are unable to obtain these in advance, we will have you sign an authorization form at the time of your exam, and obtain the prior studies for you.

Do I need preauthorization from my health care policy or plan?

Some plans do require preauthorization. We will contact your insurance company prior to your arrival and handle preauthorization on your behalf.

Does DOCs file secondary claims as well as primary ones?

Yes, we will file secondary claims for you.

I don’t have medical insurance. Can I find out how much my exam will cost?

If you do not have medical insurance and/or you are concerned about paying for your procedure, visit www.weareaffordable.com for pricing. If you have further questions call 727-896-0000.

Can I make my own appointment and receive an exam without a prescription?

We accept self-referrals for certain screenings only. These screenings are listed on our website under CT and Ultrasound services. All other procedures require a physician’s order. If your physician has given you a written order for an exam, or faxed the order to our office, you can call us to schedule your exam. You must bring the written order with you at the time of your appointment.

What type of clothing should I wear for my exam?

Wear comfortable, metal-free clothing (i.e., sweat pants, T-shirt, shorts, metal-free bra, etc.). It may be necessary to have you change into a patient gown depending on your exam.

If told to fast, should I take my usual medications the day of my test?

Yes, take your medications as you normally do unless otherwise directed by your physician.